About us

Visionary Centre for Luxury Cars to be built in the Rhineland

Dominik Amian and his team are about to open a highly innovative sales outlet for super sports cars. Amian’s company was already voted Europe’s most exclusive showroom in its sector by the GTspirit online magazine in 2015. He is joined in this venture by Michael Gleissner, who brings with him many years of expertise in the field of luxury car brand management. Together, they are creating a novel and unconventional platform for the distribution of rare hypercars.

Display of supercars at World Club Dome 2022

On the weekend of 3rd - 5th June 2022, Amian Collection Cars showcased a selection of rare hypercars in the capacity of valued partner at BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME, the world’s biggest dance club, in Frankfurt. It was an action-packed occasion in front of a large audience. The VIP lounge offered ample space for mingling with celebs and world-famous DJs.

Summer 2022 on Sylt

From 26th July to 8th August 2022, Dominik Amian and Michael Gleissner exhibited a selection of the world’s most exclusive super sports car brands on Sylt, the first time the North Sea island had hosted such an occasion. The fascination surrounding models from limited edition series was made tangible in front of a breathtaking backdrop during the two-week residency on the island. In addition to a Ferrari Roma in silver and a McLaren 650S in orange, the only Bugatti Veyron Villa d’Este ever produced with delivery kilometres on its clock caused a sensation – this special edition comes with polished aluminium parts complementing a green livery.

Successful partnerships

Working in collaboration with well-known brand partners, Amian Collection Cars has a rotating stock of exceptional special edition models, advises on tuning and maintenance and takes care of registration and re-registration for your vehicles.

Make your personal appointment now with Dominik Amian and Michael Gleissner, who will be happy to introduce you to all departments of the new Flagship Store in Kerpen during a private viewing. You can find out more about our services here.