Paint protection film

For the preservation of your automotive investment

Amian Collection Cars sees itself as a professional contact in all matters relating to your luxury vehicle. Paint protection is an important topic for our customers. In our state-of-the-art workshop, experienced specialists therefore offer the world's leading techniques for paint protection foiling of Classic and Luxury Cars. 

We guarantee the highest possible quality. Ask about our service packages, unique in Germany, for maintaining the value of your automotive asset - from paint care to paint protection - inside and out.

What we offer

      • Foiling of bumpers
      • Complete covering of the front
      • Covering of all painted exterior parts
      • Collection and return delivery

Paint protection films were originally designed by the US military to protect helicopter rotors. Today, they are used to seal car paint for a long time. Modern PPF films are almost invisible. They offer protection against stone chips, abrasion, UV radiation and weathering. The design, fit and appearance of our modern films serve to preserve the value of your automotive investment in the long term.

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